About Us

A tale of two sisters where one cooks and the other, eats! Hello, we are Sarah and Safiyah Sarvath!

Living as third culture kids with South Indian roots, our mum tried to keep our culture alive by cooking Indian food throughout our childhood using recipes that were passed down for generations in the family.

We decided to finally let these secrets out (because the world deserves to know!) and made You Cook, I Eat to capture traditional South Indian food recipes, kitchen hacks, and basically everything that happens in our kitchen.

Our food blog serves to educate Indian food lovers who are normally beginners with easy Indian recipes. So whether you are a newlywed, young graduate, or just looking to try something new in your kitchen, you will find all answers with us 🙂

I’m Sarah! Social media freak, mom to a feisty toddler, blogger at Hungryoungwoman, and now the other half of You Cook I Eat. I love sweet stuff, especially this recipe of Shahi Tukda made in a unique way that you should check out!

Also, easy recipes ’cause I am not really a pro in the kitchen…ahem! Check our family’s amazing Indian recipes here.

Hey there, I am Safiyah! Growing up, I watched my mother in the kitchen cooking for our family and hosting get-togethers at ease. She’s fantastic at cooking, a talent that I am trying to hone. Baking is a stress buster, and one of my favorite hobbies is trying out new recipes. Come and join us in our kitchen!

To see the equipment we use in most of our recipes, check here.