The BEST Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites You Can Make

Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites are possibly the BEST invention ever. I wouldn’t really call them an invention since jalapeno cheese tater tots have been there forever, but I recently realized that it’s quite easy to make at home. These easy jalapeno popper bites are best suited for those that can handle spice but can be simply altered for less heat too. Scroll down for Jalapeno Cheese Bites recipe. Continue reading “The BEST Jalapeno Cheddar Potato Bites You Can Make”

Indian Style Pasta – Macaroni Indian Recipe

For those nights in when you can’t be bothered to cook up a feast, I have a simple Indian style Macaroni made with only a pressure cooker and a few ingredients readily available in any kitchen. This Macaroni Indian recipe is a favorite and best for movie nights! Continue reading “Indian Style Pasta – Macaroni Indian Recipe”