8 Instagram Worthy Food Trends You Must Try!

If you’re on Instagram, then you must have fallen prey to one of the “Instagram food trends”. These are usually recipes that focus more on the plating and style than the taste. Being a foodie myself, I wouldn’t compromise on taste too so I have collaborated with some of the best food Instagram accounts to bring you Instagram worthy food that you must absolutely try!

These Instagram worthy recipes mentioned below are listed in no particular order, I love them all equally and am going to try my hand at these Instagrammable recipes one by one.

8 Instagram Worthy Food Trends You Must Try!


Pancake Cereal – @kala.jamoon

Who doesn’t love pancakes? These fluffy soft pillows definitely make the yummiest breakfast! I love how simple pancakes are to make and you can drizzle some maples syrup, throw in some berries and it’s absolutely delicious.

So, when I came across the ‘pancake cereal’ trend I knew I had to try it. It is exactly the same as a regular pancake, but here they’re extra mini – cereal size. I poured my pancake batter into a pan using a squeeze bottle. The first round was definitely shaky (haha). But I got the hang of it very quickly. Definitely giving a thumbs-up for this food trend!

Horchata Drink – @paulina_on_the_road

If you happen to be in Spain and heat has taken over you in the hot summer days, you are looking for some refreshing escape and wondering then Horchata Drink comes to your rescue.

This easy making drink is made with a nice blend of tiger nuts soaked water, granule sugar, and flavored cinnamon. You can find several versions of the same drink that may include the ones made with milk and have some added flavors like vanilla or for instance say coconut!

Not just it tastes good, but this summer drink is really refreshing and stomach filling as well. Making it is quite simple and you too can get your hands on this quick recipe.

Simply, soak the chufa nuts overnight. Drain the water and then grind them in a blender to make a thick and soft paste. Add some water accordingly to this paste and then add a cinnamon stick. Refrigerate the drink and add sugar as per taste. Rinse it through a strainer and then separate the liquid and fine particles if any. Kudos the drink is ready to drink or serve. Enjoy it cold!


Gazpacho – @thetastychilli

Gazpacho is a chilled vegetable soup originating from the region of Andalucia in the south of Spain. Over the years it has become a sort of staple food in Spain, especially during the hot summer months on the Iberian Peninsula.

To make a good authentic gazpacho it is really important to use quality, fresh ingredients. It is the key to a good tasting soup with traditional flavors. The reason is that no cooking is involved and all ingredients are blended raw.

Tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers are mixed together with garlic, olive oil, a slice of white bread, and vinegar. It is also really important to chill the soup before serving so the flavors have time to develop.

In Spain, gazpacho is eaten either as an appetizer or as a starter dish, mainly during the summer months. It is served in a glass or bowl with finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber and peppers sprinkled on top as garnish


Brigadeiro/ Chocolate Truffles – @iheartbrazilofficial

Brazilian’s favorite dessert, Brigadeiro, is not only Instagrammable, but it also is highly addictive!

Put simply, Brigadeiro is a Brazilian chocolate fudge truffle that melts in your mouth and brings lots of delight to your day – speaking from personal experience.

While this treat is to this day local’s favorite, it is a relatively new recipe. Just to give you some background, a confectioner from Rio de Janeiro City created this chocolate truffle to help a presidential campaign in the years after the war – namely WWII. Brazil was rationing milk because of the war, and this Brazilian dessert takes condensed milk instead of the traditional milk used in most recipes at that time.

Brazil gained its most popular sweet – to this day, brigadeiro is the most consumed dessert in the country

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Small bites and long evening walks are quintessential summer for me. Taking a break from hot stove/oven and whipping up something quick and fresh is what I enjoy doing. Recently I made these delicious cream cheese, feta and cucumber tartlets and also made a fun recipe gif. Here is the full recipe: Premade mini tart shells 1 small cucumber chopped A handful of mint leaves for garnishing For the filling 8 oz cream cheese 6 oz feta 1 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice 1 clove garlic 2 tsp olive oil Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Combine all the ingredients for the filling into a mixing bowl and whisk until smooth and creamy. Fill mini tart shells with this mixture and top with some chopped cucumber and mint leaves. Enjoy this easy and quick small bites with your drink of choice. Have a great new week, everyone! An early entry into the @foodcapturecollective #monthlytechniquecollab Stop motion/GIF challenge. . . . #tartlets #gif #stopmotionfood #stopmo #scrumptiouskitchen #easyrecipes #freshandlight #f52grams #feedfeed #thecookfeed #summerdinnerparty #foodphotographyandstyling #recipecreator #realsimple #sistermag #thrivemags #foodandwine #deliciousmagazine #iamsomartha #thebakefeed #bakersofinstagram #rslove #cooklikeapro #seattlefoodphotographer #pnwphotographer #seattlerestaurants #pastrylover #piesofinstagram #gloobyfood @hautescuisines @foodfluffer @food_glooby @thebakefeed @thefeedfeed.baking @thefeedfeed.recipevideos @foodblogfeed

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Tartlets – @f00dprints

These mini tarts are perfect for the summer evenings. Fresh, tangy, and creamy to tickle your taste buds and small enough to satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty.

When I serve them while entertaining, they are always the first thing that’s gone from the platter and I always get asked for the recipe. The tart shells can be pre-made or bought from the store and these mini tarts can be whipped up in 10 minutes before the party. Such a no stress, foolproof, and delicious recipe of tartlets. Give it a try!

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Here's a new offering riding on a current trend #dalgonacoffee That gorgeous whip over a glass of chilled milk is surely photogenic and delicious. My advice: Try it with a baked chocolate donut. Chocolate + coffee + milk= pure bliss I made it an hour before Iftar (evening meal for breaking fast). The whip didn't dissolve and stood its ground. Our regular ritual of having evening tea was replaced with a glass of chilled Dalgona with Donut. Surely an upgrade. Recipe for baked chocolate donut with dalgona whip is up on the blog with the direct link in the bio. . . . #fahmimarif #magicingredient #foodstylist #foodstyling #foodstylistdubai #foodblogger #recipeblogger #uaefoodstylist #foodphotography #recipedeveloper #dalgona #dalgonadonuts

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Dalgona Coffee – @magicingredient

Trying out a new trend is always exciting. Getting it right and adding your own twist is what makes it interesting.

There have been so many food trends but honestly, I can’t keep up with them. However, Dalgona was a challenge I was willing to try since I love coffee. Second, it looked super easy and delicious. The whip was such a hit in my family, that I decided to take a step further. The whip doubled up as a frosting over some chocolate donuts. It tasted magical. Try my Chocolate Donut with Dalgona Whip recipe here


Chakalaka – The African Cookbook

Chakalaka is a spicy bean salad that is usually served still warm. Its flavors come from the vegetables and spices sitting together melding for hours or even overnight, so this is a great dish to make ahead of time.

You can make your own baked beans or start with a premade can. There is an endless possibility of combinations of vegetables, but it’s common to find peppers, cabbage, and carrots.

The spices are a mix of ginger, paprika, and curry, though they do sell premade Chakalaka spice blends for cooks who aren’t sure about the ratios.

While this dish is usually thought of as South African, it’s important to the cuisines of Mozambique and Zimbabwe as well. Similar to couscous in Northern Africa or Jollof Rice in West Africa, Chakalaka can be found across the southern part of the continent. This is served commonly as a side with maize and chicken, but you can serve it as a main dish with a side or maize or rice instead

Mango Rabri – @youcookieatcom

Lastly, some Instagram food pictures that started trending during the mango season involved Mango Rabri! We found this as a perfect excuse to use our 2 ingredient recipe of how to make rabri and poured it inside fresh mangoes.

Froze them for a few hours and voila! We had this delicious Mango Rabri as a result. Watch our video to see how we made it 🙂

So, has this Instagram food photography inspired you to try one of these recipes?

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Signing off now! xx

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