Indian Cookware Guide

A must in any Indian kitchen is cookware that is easy to handle and work with. If you are a newbie cook or someone who is just starting to build their kitchen, firstly, congratulations! We wish you only have happy moments with the food recipes you come up with 🙂

Second, here is our Indian cookware guide that we personally use in our kitchen. This Indian cooking utensils list is not strict, you can obviously swap equipment. But, this is just to give a heads up that we will be using most of these Indian cooking pots in our recipes often 🙂

First, on the Indian kitchen equipment list is our favorite pressure cooker. I have had a couple of scary moments with it when I was learning to cook but I’ve made peace with the pressure cooker now 🙂

It’s handy to cook rice faster, soften fat and tough meat, and sometimes we even use it to heat food without the use of a microwave. I know that people nowadays like using Instant Pot which is more of a fancier version of this. But, you absolutely need to have a cooker in your kitchen for a few recipes. Click here to look at it, we also use the Prestige brand.

Okay, I gave in and bought a Nutricook Smart Cooker which I absolutely love and adore simply because I can just put all the ingredients into it and set a timer. Easy cooking with no fuss!

Nothing does the job better like a good Indian Kadai. This is an Indian cooking pan used for frying. It looks like a wok so you can also use a non-stick pan which can make cleaning easier. We have both and use each according to the food we will be using it for.

Another main item to keep included in Indian utensils is a sturdy set of a spatula, ladle, and spoons that you can use for everyday cooking. Which one would you use the most?

A standard mortar and pestle is a good addition to an Indian kitchen. Traditionally, this is used to crush garlic and you can use this to make pastes without the use of a blender. My mother uses this in her kitchen as she believes it tastes even better. However, I mostly like using a blender to make things easier.

Which brings us to this. A blender is very necessary for your kitchen. If you like to prepare Indian food or pretty much anything that requires mixing ingredients into a paste. I like NutriBullet, do you have a brand you are loyal to?

To make your rotis round, you will need a rolling pin! According to old Indian aunts, girls who couldn’t make round rotis would never get married. Well, we’ve established that fact is absolutely wrong. For a start, I still can’t make round rotis! The rolling pin is easy to shape the dough evenly. To look at the rolling pin, click here. This one comes with a board too.

Lastly, serve up your dishes in the best Indian utensils you can find. Indian kitchen equipment that can be used for serving mostly involves copper plated dishes so go the extra mile and make your guests happy 🙂

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